Tuesday, March 15, 2016


A few weeks ago my boss was explaining to me how she had gotten married at 18, to a man she's no longer with. They weren't married for very long but that was due to outside forces. My first thought was "whoa that's too young, how could she be so stupid?" That is what most people say when you hear about young marriage, or that is at least what society has lead us to think. I stopped for a second to change my thought, and to really think about how wonderful that might be. Marriage is a huge commitment and some are stupid and rush into a thing like that so, i'm not saying go marry the first nice guy you fall in love with. But to think you could be so in love with someone at a young age, to be so intertwined with them that you can think of yourself with them "forever" is crazy. I am almost eighteen and i have yet to find really anyone to make me feel even a little bit more extraodinary. This also led me to think why is most of society against love? I am constantly hearing "You're too young to know what love is". Some people are born as old souls. Why does the number we put on our lives determine what we feel or what we know? Instead of saying that they are stupid for wanting to commit their love we should celebrate the possibility of someone being so content and happy and in love with another soul.  

~Tuesday thoughts

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