Saturday, April 30, 2016


Time is a weird concept
We are around time everyday
Watching it pass
Feeling it pass
Tic Tok
Time can heal
Time can hurt
To think about my life a year ago
In this space of time my world is not the same
It's only been a year
But a year ago
I had close friends
I wasn't lonely
I had a boy friend
I felt good about my self
Why does time change things
Why does it make us feel like every things slipping away

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Body Loving

I am so amazed at this new revolution starting, being in love with your self
society these days has very much distorted our visions of our bodies
the body our souls chose, is suddenly not good enough
the media is constantly shoving "perfect people" down our throats
but the revolution is continuing to grow
finally I see more and more girls becoming confident with their bodies and appearances
remember the goal is to be healthy not perfect
I have always struggle with this my self and I'm slowly learning how to appreciate my self
Just remember to continue falling in love with your self everyday
-with love Avery